Winter’s Coming, but so is the Spring.

If you’ve stumbled upon this either through your search for validation of your grief, anger, or just your feelings in general, or maybe through a Facebook friend, it’s my hope that you will find a shred of hope- a flicker of light- a ledge to hold onto while you climb this mountain called grief. Whether your grieving the loss of a child, friend, parent, family pet, a job, ANYTHING. Grief is the same, and we go through the stages as we progress to healing. Grief is a place to visit, not live. Go there when you need to. Cry, scream, write, paint, do what you need in order to move on, but do not take up residence. We all go through Winter. A time when bitter circumstances brings about the death of chapters in our lives that we can’t get back. It’s a cold place, but wrap yourself in the warmth of promise that God will be faithful because even though Winter is coming, so is the Spring.

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