Seasons Changing

Winter. When the word comes to mind, I once thought of Christmas, toys, the joy filling in my son’s eyes as he opens his gifts after Santa arrived in the night, warm soup, and a hot mug of coffee. There’s another type of Winter though. One full of frigid, bone chilling grief, uncertainty, and worry. This is blog is a dedicated story of how my season changed in the blink of an eye, and how day by day God reveals his faithfulness- even in perpetual Winter.

I’ll start with a quick introduction. Hi, my name is Miranda, and I am 1 in 4. If you know what that means, chances are it has happened to you- or to someone you love. We’ve all seen the Facebook posts, the articles, the filters for our profile pictures. So did I, and while I felt sorry and prayed for those women who suffered from miscarriage, I had never walked in their shoes- never felt their pain. Sure, I had close family to suffer. I had been there, I had watched them suffer and cry and lay down their babies before God unwillingly. I had shed tears with them. But, I never felt their grief. Not until my season changed.

Throughout the blog, I hope to offer hope, peace, and comfort for those who are walking in darkness, unsure if sunny bright days are ahead. I also hope to give those of you who have loved ones suffering, some do’s and don’ts when it comes to comforting those who are grieving. God places us in different seasons, but one thing is certain- no matter what season we are experiencing- it never lasts. We are never guaranteed a happy and stress free life. It’s our cost of living in a sin filled world, but no matter where we find ourselves, our God will meet and carry us.


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